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About Global Yoga Alliance

The Global Yoga Alliance is authorized throughout the country to train high-level yoga talents. Excellent teaching quality makes graduates perform excellently in their work, which is welcomed by all units and establishes a good reputation in the industry.

Global Yoga Alliance News

Zero Foundation 200TTC, 300TTC, 500TTC Yoga Coach Training Courses: Aerial Yoga, Yoga Wheel, Dancing Yoga, Astanga, Streaming Yoga, Yin Yoga, High Temperature Yoga, Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, etc. Promotion refresher courses and provide Yoga coach qualification certification.

Authoritative Certification

Registered Yoga Teacher General Certificate 200TTC/300TTC/500TTC Authoritative Tutor.

Authorized Organization

The Global Yoga Alliance Certified Students can apply for the Certification of Registered Teachers to become a Yoga Coach.

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